In its broadest sense, this research investigates how one should design the physical environment for the contemporary subject of the Digital Era. The ease and immediacy with which one can access the preponderance of information available through digital and electronic media has complicated the development and understanding of self-identity in popular culture, and by correlation how one engages with society. The significance of the public institution as a center for information exchange and civic engagement has diminished in favor of new media , which has become a staple at home and is trending increasingly mobile.

While architectural investigations of the past two decades contemplate the formal possibilities of digital technology and the affects of new media on physical objects, few architectural proposals consider how the proliferation of these media and technologies directly affect the subject in society. This project rethinks the design of the contemporary upper school as a model for considering the affects of new media on individual and community interaction, the dissemination of information and the evolution (dissolution?) of public institutions.

This thesis challenges contemporary formulations of identity and societal engagement in an age increasingly dominated by the proliferation of digital and electronic information and interaction through the proposition of an architecture which fosters critical awareness of the (re)presentations of actuality in new media and directs critical engagement between the new subject of the digital era and the public sphere.

My complete thesis preparation document can be viewed here: Rethinking the Contemporary School

Friday, December 19, 2008

Presentation Format

Random thoughts on presentation format, I don't know if this would actually be interesting or not.... In light of the research focus, ideally, I think it'd be interesting if my final presentation was a collage of simultaneous productions, made by third parties, of a live presentation I gave prior to the pin up. This way, there would be a documentary of my presentation, and mediated versions created from other peoples interpretations. In real time the jurors would be presented with multiple representations of the same event, opening up new ways to look at the project and/or undermining/emphasizing the original argument in various ways.


Dk said...

i think there is something to this idea... the trick is how to edit/choreograph/package multiple versions/perspectives and still be coherent and compelling

RB said...

i think it would be sweet if it turned out that they weren't coherent at all... thats kind of the point. so, i'm glad you are on board to produce it from your side.

AH said...

more simply talking about how information for education is packaged and presented, your presentation format should be the new textbook--the new physical artifact / aide for the classroom. do it.